Request Commission



If you wish to commission different types of request, please pick “Other” and describe them.
Of course there are some terms I will have to inform you about before we can proceed, to have the best communication as possible between both parties.

– Please DO NOT change the graphics ( i.e.: cutting a banner character or using something that wasn’t meant to be used like that from the start) without my permission.

DO NOT ask me to copy someone else’s work. Giving me directions to have an idea is no problem, but asking me to do exactly as someone else does; no thank you.

– I take a full payment via PayPal only (never PaySafe) once the sketch is shown to you and it’s to your liking. Please keep in mind that a sketch is not as clean and pretty as the end result.

– After 2 changes* (in case they weren’t explained from the start and not counting if it was my mistake for forgetting information) you will be charged 10€ per design change. A full design change will NEVER be accepted (i.e. : you asked for a muscular bald bearded character and after I’m done you decide that you want a long haired female warrior), unless you are willing to pay the price for a full new design.

*i.e.: you decided that you want your character to be in a different outfit, different weapons, different details that it wasn’t mentioned before/while the sketching process was done.

If you accept these conditions, please feel free to click the button below to request a commission!