About Me


Hey there! I’m Tresh, and welcome to Tresh Toons!

I’m a freelance digital illustrator from Portugal born in 1990 in the wonderful city of Lisbon. I started drawing as an hobby until it eventually turned out to be my full time freelance job.
Started out on youtube drawing for other youtubers and doing some well-known characters in my own style, I’ve been developing techniques and teaching them along the way.
I never studied arts but I’ve always been willing to learn new techniques and tricks, hence the fact that I still draw everyday up to today, and mostly, on twitch.tv/Treshtoons 5 days a week.
If you are looking for some art for your website, company, twitch, youtube, shirts, whatever, just name it!
Please do browse my fanart section aswell as my commission section here on this website so you can have an idea of what to expect.

Don’t expect realism or text logos since that’s not really my thing, but either if you want to join me on twitch or youtube for a good chill time, or to ask me for my services, you’re certainly welcome!

Stay Tooned!